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Why customers love Barti

Fewer clicks and more face time

Easier exam documentation leads to less clicking and more patient time

Faster and easier workflows

Less manual entry for staff lets them focus on serving your patients

1 platform to run the practice

Our integrated solution eliminates the need for 5+ other softwares that don't talk to each other

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The easiest EHR you've ever used

A fast and flexible calendar to manage appointments

Billing that shortens the checkout process

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Our software is as easy to use as the favorite app on your phone

Is your smart phone from the early-2000s?

Then why is your EHR?

Best-in-class security and reliability

Built with cutting-edge security and privacy technologies, Barti lets you rest easy knowing your data is safe and accessible 24/7.

Rocket fuel for your productivity

Barti automatically completes workflows as you type, catapulting your ability to efficiently document your findings.

Dynamic content and compliance

Stay up to date with changing treatments and regulations as Barti continually incorporates best practices for clinics to succeed.