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The Barti Difference

Why customers love Barti

Fewer clicks and more face time lorem

Fewer clicks + more face time

Easier exam documentation leads to less clicking and more patient time.

Faster and easier workflows lorem and lorem

Faster and easier workflows

Less manual entry for staff lets them focus on serving patients.

1 platform to run the practicelorem ipsum

1 platform to run the practice

Eliminate the need for 5+ other softwares that don't talk to each other.


Our Platform

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    Spend less time charting and more quality time with patients

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    Cancel your most expensive subscription

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    Schedule patients in your sleep

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    Billing & Inventory

    Give your optical and billing teams tools they’ll love

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Modernize your EHR

Is your cell phone from the early-2000s?

Then why is your EHR?


Industry leading stability
and uptime

With 10x more uptime than leading competitors, Barti is the most reliable cloud-based EHR in the market.


Rocket fuel for your

By bringing texting, billing and scheduling together,  your staff can have easy tools to provide a modern patient experience.


Best-in-class security and
HIPAA compliance

Cutting-edge security and privacy technologies means you can rest easy knowing your data is safe and accessible 24/7.

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Upgrade to a modern EHR today

Discover an EHR that's sleek, savvy, and from this decade.

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