About Us

Designing an EHR and Practice Management software eye care professionals will actually love.

Simplify EHR

Our Mission

Eye care providers shouldn’t have to spend as much time documenting as they do treating patients. At Barti, we are on a mission to simplify EHR for optometry practices so optometrists can focus on what truly matters: the health of their patients. With our modern software, Barti reduces the time that you spend in your EHR.

Where Expertise Meets Innovation

Inspired by You, Crafted by Our Engineers

Designed by 30+ leading eye care providers from across the US and developed by Silicon Valley Engineers, Barti aims to free eye doctors from bad software.

We’ve built our EHR from the ground up with the goal of reducing the 100+ clicks it takes to document an eye exam using legacy solutions. Our software combines the ease of a paper chart with the power of modern technology.

Created with Subspecialties in Mind

Customized for Optometry

From the beginning, we have collaborated closely with eye care professionals to design specialty templates for Myopia Management, Vision Therapy, Binocular Vision and more. Barti is dedicated to developing an EHR system that's specifically crafted for the workflow and needs of optometry practices.


Meet Our Co-Founders

Colton Calandrella

Colton Calandrella

Co-Founder and CEO

Colton Calandrella has a diverse work experience. In 2021, they became the Co-Founder & CEO of Barti. From 2019 to 2021, they were an Associate ...

Dr. Kelly Cai, O.D

Dr. Kelly Cai, O.D

Co-Founder and CEO

Kelly C. has been working as an Optometrist since 2018 and is the Co-Founder and COO at Barti. Kelly C. has a Doctor of Optometry (OD) from the University of California ...