We take the guesswork out of growing your practice

Because note-taking should feel as natural as handwriting but even faster.

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Barti Approach

Our approach

Designed by 30+ leading eye care providers from across the US and developed by Silicon Valley engineers, Barti aims to free eye doctors from bad software.

We've built our EHR from the ground up with the goal of reducing the 100+ clicks it takes to document an eye exam using legacy solutions. Our software combines the ease of a paper chart with the power of modern technology.

Our mission

Eye care providers shouldn't have to spend as much time documenting as they do treating patients.

At Barti, we are on a mission to empower optometry practices with world-class software so they can focus on what truly matters: the health of their patients.  We are continuously improving our intuitive practice management platform that enables optometrists to spend more time helping patients and growing their practice.

Barti Mission

Evolve your EHR and get hours back in your week.