Barti Software Launches Myopia Template and Expands Features

[SAN FRANCISCO, C.A.] - Barti, a groundbreaking EHR (Electronic Health Record) and practice management software company, announced its latest additions to its product offerings: a specialty template dedicated to myopia management, expanded patient communication offerings, and built-in claims management tools.

We’re excited to be the first EHR to allow providers to specifically collect key myopia management data," said [Colton Calandrella, CEO/Founder of Barti]. "We will continue to give optometrists the tools that other software companies won’t, whether that means our unique exam templates or the ability to text patients embedded directly in the software.” 

Barti is the first and only EHR software to incorporate axial length as a separate field, allowing providers to better track myopia progression in their patients. 

The company continues to expand its practice management offerings through automated patient communication features and an entire new claims management platform. These improvements ensure that eye care providers can use one software to meet their practice needs, reducing administrative burden and improving overall efficiency.

Since the company’s inception, Barti has worked closely with 30+ optometrists and other vision industry leaders to design a software that simplifies and streamlines practice management. This latest update solidifies Barti’s position as the leading innovator in the space.

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